pangram validator

Pangram Validator started as an AppleScript application, which I developed in 1999. Later, I developed a version in Macromedia Director so that I could share it on the internet. The current version uses JavaScript for validating potential pangrams.

Pangrams are phrases that contain every letter of the alphabet. The most well-known English pangram goes "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

The validator checks any phrase you type and tells you whether or not you have typed a valid pangram. If not, it tells you what letter(s) you need to shoehorn into the phrase. Useful for type designers; fun for everybody else.

The AppleScript version of Pangram Validator was chosen Script of the Week by (when it was called Pangram Validator was chosen because it's lots of fun, in addition to being "a great demonstration of Applescript's power and versatility," according to award administrator Gregory Spence.


Click here to try it out.

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