graphic design

Most of my graphic design work was performed for my employers. I can't show that work here, but I refer to it in my resume. Here are some examples of my freelance graphic design and illustration work.

Click the links to see a large version of the image.

book covers

Gambits in the Slav.

Advanced Endgame Strategies.

How to Play the Goering Gambit.

The Frankenstein-Dracula Variation in the Vienna Game.

Better Endgame Play.

Attacking the King in the Center.

Better Opening Play.

other designs

Lecture poster (pdf).

Identity design project (pdf). From an identity design class, identity and promotional materials for an online photography store.

CD jewel case (pdf).

Flyer for architectural firm (pdf).

illustrations and cartoons

Great blue heron watercolor.

Shadow bishop.

Crumbling king.

Global pawn.

Comedian of the 7th Rank.

The heartbreak of underpromotion.

Fashion victim.

typeface designs

Postcard type specimen (pdf).

Postcard Pix type specimen (pdf).